French River Metis Tribe

French River Visitor's Centre



The French River Visitor's Centre is situated on Hwy. 69, just past the French River Bridge.


Journey 2009

~ Festival of Peoples ~ A celebration of First Nations and Aboriginal Heritage

" Honouring our  Children"

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

~ French River Visitor Centre on Hw 69 ~ Grand Entry at 12.00 noon

This year we will dedicate the day to celebrate ""Honouring Our Children"".

The day will be celebrated through Traditional First Nations drumming and dancing.

A blend of Metis fiddling and songs will lend a hand to step and square dancing.

Native crafts are available to view and purchase. Food vendors to tempt your taste.

There will be a Feast of giving thanks for the day at 5:00 p.m. This is a family friendly event. No drugs or alcohol. We do not permit family pets in the Arbour area. There is no admission cost for this event. However, in keeping with traditional life,we invite you to bring a small gift for the giveaway blanket. At the closing of the day, each person is honoured with a gift. A song and dance of honour will celebrate our traveling until the next time.

Should you like more information, please feel free to contact; (705) 857-1630 or (705) 366-2612   

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